Power Scrubbing

Florida Maintenance’s power scrubbing service can be added to any of our other services or be quoted as its own exclusive service. Our services are available on an on call basis, or a weekly, monthly, bi-annual, etc. basis.

Leaves Floors Dry and Traffic Ready

Power scrubbing is one of the least disruptive forms of concrete cleaning. Our scrubbers use rotating brushes on a 5 foot scrub deck and biodegradable chemicals that are able to remove dust, oil, stains and other debris from your facility, leaving your floors dry nearly immediately after being scrubbed and vacuumed all in one pass.

• Fast clean-up of large areas

• No need for pre-sweeping

• Drive-mounted operation

• Different brushes for different surfaces

• Floors are dry within minutes

Call us at (305) 900-5464 or email us at info@floridamaintenance.com for a quote.

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