Warehouse Cleaning

Florida Maintenance’s warehouse cleaning service can be added to any of our other services, or be quoted as its own exclusive service. Our services are available on an on call basis or a weekly, monthly, bi-annual, etc. basis.

Leaves Floors Dry and Ready for Use

We strive to offer prestige cleaning services in all aspects of maintenance to our clientele in the southern and central Florida region. Our warehouse cleaning service is one of our top services that we have to offer, covering both Commercial and Industrial facilities. From floor degreasing to girder cleaning, our staff is thoroughly trained to rehabilitate your facility. Whether you are seeking a single or monthly service opportunity, Florida Maintenance guarantees to meet all of your needs in the most efficient manner, at affordable costs.

Services We Offer

Scrubbing: Power scrubbing is one of the least disruptive forms of concrete cleaning. Our scrubbers use rotating brushes on a 5 foot scrub deck and biodegradable chemicals that are able to remove dust, oil, stains and other debris from your facility, leaving your floors dry nearly immediately after being scrubbed and vacuumed all in one pass.

Degreasing: We use biodegradable degreasers for removing tough set in stains from oil, carbon deposits, grease, etc.

Different brushes for different surfaces: Depending on the surface of your facility we can change pliability of our brushes to better accommodate your surface. For example; if you have a recently painted or sealed floor we would use a softer brush so we don’t scar the surface.

Pressure cleaning: We can also pressure clean girders, walls ceiling or any smaller rooms that cannot be reached with a scrubber.

All of these services and more can be set up on a single, weekly, monthly or annually basis.

We would be pleased to give you a free quote on-site and discuss any of your facility cleaning needs.

Call us at (305) 900-5464 or email us at info@floridamaintenance.com for a quote.

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